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Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) And Underinsurance

National Insurance Broking Association (NIBA) CEO Dallas Booth recently expressed that the biggest issue to emerge from the NSW Bushfires of 2013 was the gap between the average sum insured and the actual rebuilding cost.

“Over the past 10 years there have been some quite dramatic changes in regulation around planning, developing, building and rebuilding properties in fire-prone areas,” he says.

“Many properties are now required to comply with the Bushfire Attack Level, or BAL, rating system.

“For the average house it can add $80,000 to $120,000 to the rebuilding costs just to comply with BAL. It has a dramatic impact.”

Booth says many policyholders are simply not aware of these changes, and anyone who lives in a bushfire prone area should be aware of their individual Bushfire Attack Level and make the recommendations found in the Australian Standard 3959 document http://www.as3959.com.au/

The AS 3959 document is the Australian Standard for buildings in a bushfire prone area, it covers all construction and retrofitting requirements based on the bushfire attack level of a home. Calculating the bushfire attack level is also covered in the Australian Standards AS 3959 document.

 Sources: AS3959,  NIBA BrokerBuzz

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