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Business Continuity Cover or Business Expense Insurance

Are you a small business owner / operator or self-employed?

Could you afford to continue to pay your business expenses if you became ill or suffered an accident which kept you from working for an extended period?

Did you know Business Continuity Insurance covers your business expenses in such circumstances?


Business Continuity Cover is a unique and affordable insurance that protects your business from unexpected accident or illness. This product provides peace of mind with financial assistance to your business in the unfortunate event the Insured Person(s) becomes incapacitated.

One area of exposure that exists in any business is the contribution of the individual owner. If you have a serious injury or illness you may be able to claim your personal wages from Workers Compensation or a Personal Accident and Illness policy, however without your efforts in the business it may suffer and you may not be able to meet the regular expenses and lease cost of the business. Business Continuity also reimburses the business the costs of replacing the Insured Person into the business in the event of an injury or illness that prevents you from working for more than 60 days.

These costs can include advertising, recruitment, relocation and even a proportion of wages so that the business can continue to operate and generate profits and meet ongoing commitments.

Claim example 1: An owner driver truck operator suffered a serious spinal injury whilst skiing, and was unable to perform his normal duties for 10 months. This policy enabled him to employ a substitute driver to meet his contract obligations and generate income to meet the finance repayments on the truck.

Claim example 2: Sue a local hairdresser who recently expanded her business to include a second business location. The expansion meant incurring additional leasing costs to cover the establishment of the second location etc. Sue was struck down by a mystery illness after she returned from an overseas holiday. The illness was so debilitating Sue was unable to perform her normal duties for 6 months. This policy covered the monthly costs of the business leases, and Sue was able to employ a business manager to manager her business in her absence. Without this cover, Sue would have not been able to meet her financial obligation of the business expenses, and would in all likely hood have resulted in her business falling into receivership.


  • Insured Person limit options are $50,000 / $100,000 or $200,000
  • Up to four additional persons can be added with the same or lower limit
  • Persons nominated must be 65 years old or younger at inception
  • Must work a minimum of 25 hrs a week
  • Minimum Premium starts at $200.00 + charges

For more information or to speak with one of our experienced brokers, please call:

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