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Home & Contents Insurance – Your Home is your Castle!

Your home is your castle; it does more than just providing shelter and security, your home represents your family’s lifestyle and standard of living. But even beyond that, if you’re like most people, your home is also your greatest single asset – an investment that, over the long term, should continue to increase steadily in value. So, protecting this asset should be a priority right?

All personal insurance policies are not the same, they are becoming increasingly complex, and if you are confused by what is available, you would not be the only one.

The weather related losses impacting Australian insurers over the last 2 years, together with Government intervention in the flood insurance debate, have driven the market to a point where underinsurance, an increase in the numbers of un-insured and insurance affordability are major concerns for the future.

Establishing an insured value for your home and contents can sometimes be a difficult task. Everyone situation is somewhat unique, so we have included a link to a very useful tool to assist you in the process. Why not use our home building and home contents calculator to help you calculate how much insurance you should have.

As your renewal approaches, we will be researching a variety of insurers and their products for your consideration. The insured values you nominate together with a variety of cover and excess options all contribute to the premiums charged, so please consider the options presented and contact us to discuss your needs in this area.

If you have not considered us for your personal insurance, you may wish to, as our Austbrokers personal insurance suite of products are well positioned as some of the most feature packed products available in the market, underwritten by some of Australia’s leading insurers.

Austbrokers Risk & Insurance Services, tailoring personal insurance solutions for you and your family.

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