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Meet Sydney’s newest team member – Aprille Rose

Having 6 years experience in the Insurance industustry, Aprille joined Austbrokers RIS in June this year as an Account Executive working in our Sydney Commercial division.

Find out why Aprille joined us & what she enjoys doing when not helping our clients!

Prior to Austbrokers you worked for a large International Broker, what made you make the move to Austbrokers RIS?

In an effort to further my career, I felt it was important to better my knowledge with the understandings and intricacies of a brokerage like Austbrokers RIS – where from Market perception and opinion in general

Austbrokers RIS seem to have  a reputation as a company which treats each client as a VIP, and in a manner that demonstrates every client is vitally important to their business.

I saw it as an opportunity to join a professional team where by I could grow in my knowledge and experience of Insurance Broking –  within a company which is currently perceived as a market leader by most clients as well as  by the major insurers.

What is your favourite sport, and who is your favourite Team?

I don’t really follow sport I would rather watch TV. Some of my favourite TV shows are Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory and True Blood.

What do you like to do to unwind when not at work?

I like spending time with family and I have always felt that a little bit of retail therapy never hurt anybody.

Finally, what is the chore that you dislike to do the most?

I dislike all chores equally. If it can be classed as a chore I probably don’t like it.

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