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Protect Your Employees from Journey Claims

WorkCover NSW introduced a variety of legislative changes in 2012. As part of these changes, Journey claims are no longer covered under your Workcover Insurance in the majority of cases.

Journey claims are claims for injury suffered whilst a worker is travelling between home and work (while the worker is off duty). Cover is now only provided where there is a substantial connection between the person’s employment and the incident out of which the injury arose. For example, if a nurse en route to work stops to assist at a car accident, and is subsequently injured, he or she would be covered by workers compensation insurance

Despite these changes, we are still seeing workers attempt to submit journey claims, especially if they have no other form of insurance. There have also been a number of cases go to the Workers Compensation Commission where solicitors argue connection with employment and journey with limited success. Claims can occur where there is no substantial connection and yet the employer may still be liable under OHS and other laws.

Austbrokers RIS have collaborated with Zurich Insurance to provide an insurance product to assist our clients in this difficult area. Journey Insurance is a policy that replaces the cover previously provided under NSW Workers Compensation.

The journey insurance policy provides cover for your employees when travelling to and from work. The policy provides weekly benefits based on an employees average earnings over the previous six months prior to the injury; together with extended benefits for things such as home and motor vehicle modifications.

At a competitive price you can provide cover and peace of mind to your business and your employees in relation to their journeys to and from work. 

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